210mm F/5.6 Sinaron S MC 72° Large Format Lens Used

210mm F/5.6 Sinaron S MC 72° Large Format Lens Used

. GOOD / This is a USED lens. The glass has some minor marks on the outer area but the glass is clean and free of any marks that we could see. Overall good condition. Condition Description The Sinaron-S with 6 elements in 4 groups is an all-around lens. Good for product shots industrial subjects landscape and city photography it provides a longer focus lens with smaller formats. The image circle diameter exceeds the diagonal of the recommended format by around 45 percent allowing abundant shift and swing possibilities. All-purpose 'long' standard lens for 4x5' format view cameras or a standard lens for 5x7' cameras

Price: $275.00

4x5 45GII View Camera Used No Bellows

4x5 45GII View Camera Used  No Bellows

. EXC / This is a used 4x5 Toyo GII from our rental department. It is in overall great condition for it's age. Tilts/shifts all seem fluid. The only issue the rear locking knob is broken and will not lock. Comes with everything seen in photos. Condition Description The Toyo 45 GII is the centerpiece of the extensive Toyo G series. A heavy-duty wide-framed all-metal fully modular multiformat camera system the 4x5 camera can be converted to 2-1/4 x 3-1/4' up to 8x10'. Universal and format related components and accessories are interchangeable creating a comprehensive system which grows with your professional needs. The Toyo 45 GII offers the photographer silky-smooth controls generous movements and a durable practical design. First introduced as the 45G in 1978 this camera is still the workhorse for many professionals. The 45 GII Pro Camera consists of a non-vignetting 360 degree revolving back with Easyload Bail Arm Toyo acid etched grid ground glass with 6x7cm and 6x9cm markings fresnel quick release mounting block with 1/4' and 3/8' tripod sockets 250mm basic monorail 250mm extension monorail standard bellows predrilled #0 lensboard. Heavy duty modular system camera with precise geared control. Toyo non-vignetting 360° revolving back with Easyload Bail Arm. Independent locks on all movements. Geared side to side shift. Extreme 145mm geared rise. Rack and Pinion micro fine focusing on front and rear. A good choice for the beginning professional or advanced amateur. Dual axis spirit levels on front and rear standards.

Price: $300.00

4x5 Wide Angle Bellows Used

4x5 Wide Angle Bellows Used

. EXC / This is used overall in good shape for it's age bag and mounts are in good condition did not see any damage. Condition Description The 4x5 wide angle bellows is used with shorter lenses. This 'Bag Bellows' lets you use full camera movements at short extensions. NOTE:To focus with lenses 65mm or shorter you will need the Extra Wide Angle Bellows. Its thin-frame double-bag design allows you to move the camera standards to within 1/4 inch of each other.

Price: $50.00


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