ShieldView for New iPad - Glossy 2 Pack

ShieldView for New iPad - Glossy 2 Pack

. Keep your screen clean and free of scratches smudges and fingerprints with the ShieldView for New iPad - (Glossy) 2 Pack . The ShieldView 2-Pack includes two sophisticated static-cling iPad 2 screen protectors that stick to your device screen perfectly-no more annoying bubbles or peeling corners. Each iPad 2 screen film is designed to last leaves no residue and is easy to apply and remove. And the re-sealable envelope keeps your extra screen protector ready to go on a minutes notice. Founded in 2001 (with cases for the original iPod and the iSport an iPod fanny pack with blinking lights) Speck has grown to become a worldwide leader in cases and bags for iPhone MacBook BlackBerry iPad and tons of other personal electronic devices. But they're not a monolithic corporate entity: they're gadget geeks. Speck makes the sort of fun functional stylish cases that theyd want protecting their own gear-or for that matter their kids' and grandparents' gear. From concept to design to finished product Speck puts their hearts smarts and guts into everything they do. Their downtown Palo Alto California headquarters is often messy always bustling and filled with a crew of dedicated (dare we say obsessed) folks who really know their stuff. About a quarter of the company is in the product development group and 100% of their products are designed and quality-tested in-house. Features: Fingerprint smudge and scratch protection for iPad 3 touchscreens Comes in gloss finish Easy to apply and remove Includes cleaning cloth and 2 protective films

Price: $24.95

AirBlue Portable Bluetooth Music Receiver

AirBlue Portable Bluetooth Music Receiver

. The Kanex AirBlue Portable Bluetooth Music Receiver is a portable Bluetooth®-based music receiver that enables you to wirelessly play listen and control all your favorite music from your iPod Touch iPhone iPad or Android device through your home stereo speakers. Small Footprint Take the AirBlue anywhere you go and get set up in a snap. Sync and configure your Bluetooth audio device in just minutes. It’s flexible enough to stream to any speakers home entertainment center or car sound system.   Control Bluetooth devices over AV Share control and listen to your favorite playlist or podcasts wirelessly using the Kanex AirBlue through your home-theater AV receiver or powered speakers using the included audio cable.   Rechargeable Battery In case you’re running out of juice no cumbersome power supply is needed to charge the unit. Simply connect it to a USB power outlet and start streaming your favorite tunes. No access to a USB port to keep the AirBlue charged? That’s okay because it averages 10 working hours more than enough to keep you worry free. Specifications: Bluetooth Version: v2.1 with EDR system in 2.4GHz ISM band Transmission Distance: 33ft. Device Compatibility: Devices enabled with A2DP stereo Bluetooth Included Cable Types:  1) 3.5mm to RCA 2) 3.5mm to 3.5mm 3) Mini USB to USB Terminals: Combined TX/RX RF Processor:  DSP Co-Processor - 16 & 32-bit run time Output dB: +4dBm with level control 13 dB Audio Codec: 16-bit stereo codec - 94dB SNR stereo DAC playback Battery: Internal rechargeable battery Working Hours: Up to 10 Hours Also works with Bluetooth enabled Mac models PC's and laptops

Price: $45.00

PixelSkin HD Wrap for iPad 3 Black

PixelSkin HD Wrap for iPad 3  Black

. The Speck PixelSkin HD Wrap for iPad 3 (Black) offers lightweight grippy protection with a snap closure and a revamped 4-panel cover for more stand options. The PixelSkin HD Wrap case for iPad 3 gives you a superbly slim fit to go along with a perfectly pixelated high-contrast glossy-matte finish. When you close the cover microsuction makes sure it stays in firmly place. Open it up and this super-rad iPad 3 cover folds back into a viewing and typing stand with multiple angles. Slim-fitting Fashionable high glossy/matte texture Flip-close front cover folds into a viewing and typing stand cover Stays shut with magic microsuction Rubberized interior and button covers offer shock absorption and protection

Price: $39.95

Orikata for the iPad 2 3 - Black

Orikata for the iPad 2  3 - Black

. Inspired by the Japanese art of Origami the Acme Made Orikata for the iPad 2 & 3 - Black is an innovative and revolutionary case designed for the iPad 2. The unique folding elements easily and quickly tuck into rear compartments to create a stable and ergonomic base to use the iPad in either cinema mode or typing mode.  The case is designed to support the iPad 2 and allows for use of the rear facing camera while the iPad is in the case.  The Orikata is arguably one of the best iPad cases available when you’re looking for a thin and attractive case with lots of functionality. Features: Unique folding elements create a stand for cinema viewing or keyboard mode - both at optimal ergonomic angles. Ultra-thin construction supports iPad 2 or later models. Durable and stylish Nubuck PU exterior. Dockable design so the iPad never has to leave the case. While the Orikata will provide protection for the new iPad it may not align properly with some of the features.

Price: $16.99

iPad Smart Cover for the iPad 2 and new iPad Leather Black

iPad Smart Cover for the iPad 2 and new iPad Leather  Black

. The black Leather iPad Smart Cover for the iPad 2 and new iPad from Apple is an ingenious accessory that all iPad 2 and new iPad owners should own. This updated version now features a soft microfiber lining that matches the cover color. The previous version was all gray on the inside. This clever cover not only provides a way to protect the screen of your iPad 2 and new iPad but greatly expands its use. First of all even under the best of conditions dirt dust and other contaminants can subvert any viewing surface. The Smart Cover will protect your screen and keep it in first-rate viewing condition as well as help prevent any nasty scratches. The Smart Cover is held tightly in place by the built-in magnets in the iPad 2 and new iPad's frame - magnets that align perfectly with the matching Smart Cover hinge for an effortless fit. When you don't want to use the Smart Cover just fold it out of the way like a page from a magazine - or simply remove it entirely. However it doesn't stop there as the Smart Cover will also wake your iPad 2 and new iPad from Sleep Mode - a real time and energy saving benefit. In addition you can fold this cover into various formats that will make your iPad 2 and new iPad even more user-friendly. It can rapidly be configured into a handy typing stand for a more enjoyable position for your hands. For added convenience it can be converted into a neat little stand that the iPad 2 and new iPad can lean against for a far more comfortable reading position. Or if you desire it can provide a 'hands-free' upright position for your iPad 2 and new iPad during video calling. In either configuration this will leave you free to take notes or 'hand talk'. Finally if you want to shoot some HD video on the fly this amazing Smart Cover folds in half to expose the back-facing camera of the iPad 2 and new iPad. At an affordable price the Apple Smart Cover will add even more flexibility to your already multi-functional iPad 2 and new iPad. The Smart Cover is available in a wide variety of colors to suit your preference and taste as well as in either a leather or polyurethane finish. Soft microfiber lining is matched to the color on the cover Guards the screen of the iPad 2 and new iPad protecting it from dust fingerprints and scratches Very easy to use - attaches via the built-in magnets in the iPad 2 and new iPad's frame to the cover's hinge. The magnets hold the cover neatly and securely in place Folds into various positions that permit everything from an easier and more comfortable typing or reading position to a hands-free video calling advantage If you need to take notes while you read it can set up the iPad 2 and new iPad for a more comfortable viewing position Available in a wide variety of colors and in either a leather or polyurethane finish

Price: $69.00


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